Product Features

Ready to see financial security as it should be?

SafeGuard Accounting Apps is a new web service for bussines that alerts you to problematic ledger entries the moment they’re submitted. At the same time, it rolls your financial history into real-time business trends and performance metrics. Now you can:

  • Manage your business health with a real-time performance dashboard
  • Prevent potential issues with 24×7 monitoring and instant transaction alerts
  • Understand and respond to threats with issue explanations and recommendations
  • Drill into entry details and log your actions for documentation
  • Write custom financial reports using your PM software data—premium users
  • Centralize financial reporting for any number of practices—premium users
  • Schedule reports to hit any inbox at any frequency—premium users

With SafeGuard Accounting Apps monitoring your ledger, you can automatically share reports and delight your trainers and consultants with hard data they can use to be faster and more accurate at their jobs. Even better, your income is protected and you get performance insight you can actually use to grow your business.

Web technology benefits

SafeGuard Accounting Apps is the only web-based monitoring system of its kind for bussines. Here’s why you’ll love it:

It runs invisibly—teams won’t know it’s there unless you share it

A small web download gets you started in just a few minutes

It’s available 24×7 from any device with a web browser

No more “upgrades”, just fresh data every time you log in

Request a Demo to see what SafeGuard Accounting Apps can do for your practice.