Affiliate Program Overview


Why should I become an Affiliate?

When you register as a SafeGuard Accounting Apps Affiliate, you’ll receive a $15 Amazon gift card for each opportunity in your profile that turns into a SafeGuard Accounting Apps customer.

How Does It Work?

If you are already working with dentists, it’s easy.

  • Anyone can register as a SafeGuard Accounting Apps Affiliate (check any employer regulations you are subject to).
  • Click the green button to register as an Affiliate and create a short Profile.
  • Introduce SafeGuard Accounting Apps to your customers and have them request info here at the SafeGuard Accounting Apps site.
  • Log in to your Affiliate Profile from this page, and add the customer’s info in your Opportunities.
  • Get your rewards when your customers subscribe to SafeGuard Accounting Apps.

How are Rewards Tracked?

We require that you register your potential subscribers as Opportunities via the My Opportunities Page in your Affiliate Profile.